Our diversified ranch is located in the beautiful ranch community called Paradise Valley.  It is located in northern Nevada, close to the Oregon and Idaho border.  The ranch overlooks Martin Creek as it flows out of the Santa Rosa Mts.   The ranch enterprises are listed on the menu section. Both on-line inquiries and personal visits are welcome.  Presently registered Soay sheep are available. This is a family ranch operation expanding with each year.  The following pages will help to define and share the various ranch enterprises.  Every effort has been made to follow the philosophy and best management practices of such role models as Wendell Berry, Michael Pollan, Joel Salatin and other champions of sustainable agriculture. While this ranch is relatively small, there are 330,000 acres of national forest located outside our back gate.  The year-round creek, flowing next to the property provides both scenery and vitality to this valley community.  From big horn sheep, to elk, to mountain lions, to wild turkeys, to deer and antelope this bucolic setting has much to offer both residents and visitors alike.  Come see us some time soon.

Owner: Daryl Riersgard      (phone) 775-578-0096    (e-mail)  ddriersgard@gmail.com

(mailing address) P.O. Box 36, Paradise Valley, NV. 89426

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Also, check the new web site (www.friends of soay.com). This site is limited to those British Soay breeders that honoring the original breed lines, the RBST registration process and generally promoting the welfare of this ancient treasure

Quote from Wendell Berry:  “A community economy is not an economy in which well-placed persons can make a ‘killing’.  It is an economy whose aim is generosity and a well-distributed and safeguarded abundance”.

Quote from John Ikerd:  “ A nation that can’t feed itself is no more secure than a nation that can’t defend itself”.

(also)  “The future of humanity in these uncertain times depends on the thoughtful, caring and committed people who choose to live and work on family farms (and ranches)”.