About The Wife


Becky is a Reno gal, from an old Reno family.  We met at the Washoe County Jail where we both worked.  This may be an odd place to find a spouse but it worked for us. When we bought this ranch during August 2005, the plan was for me to get a head start on the ranch development while, she prepared the business for sale.   This allowed her to move to the ranch full time.

Photo explanation: Top center: Becky is taking a turn feeding our first bottle baby (Eric-the-Red).  Little Eric turned out to be a healthy and friendly little guy.  The ranch house is alive with the smell of home cooking.  She is a great ranch hand and a supportive ranch wife.   Her main enterprise passion seems to be the egg production.

Our first ten years here was celebrated with an article in the New Pioneer magazine (summer issue).  This is an overview of our ranch life, with special emphasis on our sheep operation.


Becky with a new lamb from April 2016.  We limited our lambing due to the size of our flock.  These lambs came from a special sire, artificial insemination (AI) from the St. Kilda flock.  This provides a fresh blood line into our flock.