Bunk house + Ranch house + Bath house

 This ranch site is tucked into the NE corner of our rural ranch community, where the year around stream  (Martin Creek) flows out of the steep rock walls above Muffler Meadow.  The location is tucked far enough into the high rock canyon that it is free of any cell phone service. The small town of Paradise Valley is at the end of Highway-290, off the major north-south highway # 95.


Spring in the front yard

Established during 2005, this small ranch quickly branched out to support a number of smaller enterprises (listed in the menu). Most of these efforts are still a work in progress.  It is a family effort, that expects subsequent generations to maintain this ranch operation. 

The following pages will describe the enterprise options.  Rare breed sheep and livestock guardian dogs are the order of the day.  From brown wool to fruit, it all grows here.


Above, rams working the canal bank with ranch house in the background.

Below, example of infrastructure work, in this case building another corral.