Sheep sample photos:


The following photos are representative of my current Soay flock. Above is one of my breeding ewes.  She is the only animal in the flock with the star on the face.



Above is Kelvin, the ram with the best set of horns in the flock.
Below is Red Bud, one of my first primary breeding rams.  Note his primitive mane and the rut competition scars on his forehead.  All of these sheep handle the Nevada winters just fine.


Below is shot of the rams working the canal bank, house and bunk house in the background:


Below is one wether (Randolph), born in 2013


Below, the wife is bottle feeding one of our few orphan lambs.  This was Eric the Red and turned out to act more like a pet dog than a feral animal.


Above right, the rams are coming home to the the night time hold pen where the guardian dogs are waiting.  Note the mix of light phase (fawn color) and the dark phase (chocolate color) animals.

Below, the wife is holding a new lamb about two weeks old.  Lambing with Soays is a simple and easy process


Below is  shot of three lambs. The are approximately 1.5 months old.  Notice the difference color characteristics of one crop of lambs (same sire).  Notice the rock pile that was put in place for a functional purpose.  As the animals move across the rocks they trim their own hoofs, saving me some work.



Winter scene where the ewes like to return home single file with a one track path.  This photo shows more snow than normal for mid winter