Soay Meat

The latest Soay venture is to produce quality meat for local (Reno) restaurants

Thanks to the initiative of our son-in-law (Dave Pappas), we located the Old Granite Street Eatery with a sincere interest in local produce and meat. Chef Seth Adams was specifically interested in adding Soay meat to his menu as a special item.  We provided 40 lbs of meat to this restaurant and on 2 November, the Chef provided three different choices on the special menu.  The Chef proudly reported the next day that this special sold out quickly. 

Consequently he asked me to go to full sheep production because he wants to make this a more regular choice.  Every ewe, from oldest to youngest was bred for the spring lambing season of 2013.  

For those who are familiar with this breed of sheep, you realize that it takes 24-30 months (including breeding season) to produce an animal that is large enough to produce 20 lbs of useable meat.  This is also a good size if some one wants to load up their freezer.

The young (two years of age) wethers are ideal for the sheep market.

This can be a fickle market that requires frequent attention.  There is modest local interest in our sheep meat, but the larger market has to be reliable city restaurants.