The Vineyard at Martin Creek

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  The Vineyard at Martin Creek

Vineyard progress is a slow process.  It takes years before the vine is mature enough to produce the early fruit that you see above.  Further, I made the decision that this project would not be done in one large effort.  Rather, I have decided to plant 50 vines each spring season, until I have used up my available real estate.

Once I have enough fruit, I will to deliver these Riesling  grapes to cooperative buyers in Reno.  We hope to make this the annual process in the future.

Growing grapes is similar to raising children.  They need extraordinary care when they are little.  As they get older, you still have to worry about their welfare (and make sure that trellis systems are in place to support the fruit (bottom wire) and the top growth (top wire).  I still need to make progress on what John Caldwell (premier Napa grape grower) calls “good wood”.  You can see that my stem is barely big enough to support all of this weight.

Second Try

I had to move the vineyard from the lower step to the middle landing. The soil conditions were better.   Production and survival rates improved with the new location. Once again, the key words are location, location, location.  As far as progress goes, I continue to add 50 new vines per year.  Currently I have 80% Riesling and 20% Malbec.

The photo below represents the part of the crop for 2016.  As of mid July it is time to put up the bird netting.


The two oldest rows

The two oldest rows