Owner Detail

P1000186_1                  Daryl Riersgard, owner

Daryl is the full time owner/operator.  Daryl is a retired Marine Corps helicopter pilot.  There are a couple of other subsequent  careers mixed in.  Except for previous seasonal work with the U.S. Forest Service, ranch management is now the full time endeavor.  Daryl has gone full circle as he started out living on a ranch in North Dakota, near the Canadian border.  That experience was very similar to the current environment in Paradise Valley.

Management includes Soay Sheep, an expanding vineyard, breeding LGD (livestock guardian dogs), multiple gardens, fruit trees and the like.

Current duties are focused on being a good shepherd with the flock of rare breed Soay Sheep.  This effort was launched only after consultation with the “grand lady” of the Soay importation from Canada by the name of Kathie Miller. While building flock size, the supporting infrastructure was also put into place.  With multiple corrals, catch pens, pastures and birthing pens the operation is now in full swing.

There is always great anticipation for the next spring cycle.  This not only provides the opportunity for improving the garden, but also offers opportunity for planting more trees. For the past 11 years, this has been a slow but steady priority to add shade throughout.


Spring also opens up new opportunities and expansion for the vineyard.  This operation will expand by 50 more vines.

We continue to get inquiries from folks who are moving to rural parts of the Intermountain west.  Many of them are looking for either sheep or guardian dogs.  Recently the interest has been for both.  We are well suited to helping on both counts.


The ranch tasks would never get accomplished without close cooperation and hard labor from the ranch wife.